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Stone Attitude/Influence Color
African Jade Communication, Creativity, Serenity Green
Agate Grounding & Balanced Emotions Assorted
Amber Mental Clarity/Confidence Golden
Amazonite Self-Respect/Self-Assuredness Dark Turquoise
Amethyst Intuition & Peace Purple
Apache Tears Relieves Grief/Aids Forgiveness Black
Apatite Self-_Expression/Teaching Light Turquoise
Aragonite Patience/Peaceful Meditation Burnt Orange
Aventurine Heals Emotional Pain & Fear Green & Green/White
Azurite Malachite Decision Making & Focus Dark Blue with Green
Bloodstone Physical Vitality/Idealism Dark Green with Reds/Whites
Blue Lace Agate Aids Depression/Stubbornness Pale Blue
Blue Sky Agate Courage/Protection Sky Blue
Blue Topaz Calming/Dispels Nightmares Ice Blue
Botswana Agate Emotional Comfort/Stress Reduction Brown/Gray/Black
Carnelian Courage & Self-Confidence Orange
Charoite Clears Negative Energy Dark Purple
Chrysanthemum Stone Emotional Comfort/Personal Growth Black with
Or Reddish Brown
Chrysocolla Patience & Self-Forgiveness Blue Green
Chrysoprase Wisdom/Generosity Lemonish Green/Vibrant Green
Citrine Willpower & Confidence Yellow
Crazy Lace Agate Grounding & Centering Pinks, Whites, Browns
Crystal (Quartz Clear) Energy/Healing Clear
Crystal (Rutilated Quartz) Energy/Healing Clear with Gold/Silver
Crystal (Tourmalinated Quartz) Energy/Healing Clear with Black/Grey
Dalmation Jasper Grounding & Healing Light Beige/Black Spots
Dumortierite Self-Discipline & Organization Dark Blue
Fluorite Calming/Breaking out of ruts Purple/Blue/Green
Garnet Energy, Vitality & Willpower Red/Wine
Gold Sheen Obsidian Absorbs Anger/Promotes Objectivity Black with
Gold Flashes
Goldstone Openness & Honesty Brown with Gold Flecks
Hematite Memory, Practicality & Study Gun Metal Gray- Dark
Howlite Relieves Stress & Tension White with gray
Iolite Truth/Simplicity Blueish Purple
Jade Courage, Wisdom, Justice Green
Jasper Grounding & Healing Browns/Reds
Kyanite Universal Positive Energy & Meditation Blue
Labradorite Life Purpose/Serenity Dark Blue/Grey with Blue & Gold
Larvikite Dispels Female Anger/Softens Warriors Grey with Silver
Lapis Lazuli Creativity & Dream Insight Blue
Leopardskin Jasper Grounding & Good Spirits Pink/Beige/Browns
Lepidolite Brings Hope & Eases Stress Lilac/Light Purple
Mahogany Obsidian Protection & Grounding Browns/Black
Malachite Vision & Concentration Green
Montana (Big Sky) Agate Acceptance & Well-Balanced Quartz with
Moonstone Love, Hope, Wisdom Milky White/Pinks/Greys
Moss Agate Happiness & Longevity Green/White/Clear
Moukaite Letting Go & Reducing Insecurity Red/Creme/Pink
Nevada Lapis Creativity Green/Pink
Onyx Logic/Grounding & Balancing Emotions Black
Peach Aventurine Success & Self-worth Peach
Peridot Fearlessness & Problem Solving Lime Green
Picasso Jasper Grounding & Good Spirits Black/Gray/Browns
Picture Jasper Grounding & Emotional Balance Browns & Blues
Pietersite Energizing, Willpower & Courage Blue/Black with Gold &
Blue Flashes
Poppy Jasper Grounding & Good Spirits Brick Red
Rhodonite Confidence & Lovingness Pink with Gray Marbling
Rhodochrosite Aids Loneliness & Heartache Pink-LaceLike
Rhyolite Prosperity & Good Fortune Green/Browns
Rose Quartz Forgiveness & Emotional Balance Pink
Sardonyx Courage & Eloquence Orange/White Bands
Shiva Lingam Creativity & Fertility Brown/Tan
Silver Leaf Jasper Protection & Good Luck
Smoky Quartz Grounding & Good Spirits Browns
Snowflake Obsidian Seeing Truth & Blocking Fears Black & White
Sodalite Communications & Ideas Blue & White
Sugilite "Love Stone"/Purges Hostility & Anger Violet to Dark Purple
Thulite Love in Action & Aids Meditation Pink to Wine
Tiger Eye Confidence & Clear Thinking Golden Highlighted Brown
Tiger Eye-Blue Optimism & Creativity Dark Blue with Blue & Gold
Tiger Eye-Red Willpower/Personal Power Dark Brown/Red Highlights
Tree Agate Grounding & Balanced Emotions Green/White
Turquoise Communication, Creativity, Serenity Light Blue/Blue Green
Unakite Balances Emotions & Aids Personal Transformation Green with
Variscite Eases Depression & Stills the Mind Pale Green/Tourquoise
Zoisite Positive Energy & Advancement Green/Ruby