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Chakra Healing

It has come to my attention that my Chakras are bleeding and draining.
Bad vibes and negative energy from not understanding them and their relationship with me are causing me physical problems.

So I am releasing a lot of the negativity, cleansing my gems and crystals, shielding,
and trying to educate myself on the Chakras. Specifically the Chakra that seems to be suffering is my Heart Chakra.

I was thinking of writing some healing poetry on Chakras with each line a color corresponding to the chakra. I try to write spiritual poems but sometimes the negativity I feel gets in the way.

I was wondering if those of you in this lj group know about how to heal the chakras and how they work. I have a couple books, they have some insights but not something heard from someone who deals with them firsthand, or knows from experience. Thanks in advance for any help.