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Animals Part 2

Keep in mind that your interactions with animal energies are not limited to
those which have specifically called to you. Any animal may be called on when
you are in need.

If you're feeling depressed, think of Hummingbird for joy. When details are
slipping through your fingers, call on meticulous Mouse. If you're having a
communication difficulty, ask for Dolphin's help. Butterfly helps all those who
are going through important life changes.

Also, when you read about an attribute of a power animal, consider the

* It's valuable to go below the surface of the meaning of a particular
characteristic assigned to an animal. Squirrel, for example, is given the
quality of Gathering, meaning gathering only that which is needed. For humans,
this refers not only to material possessions but also to the ability to shed old
sorrows, fixations, and beliefs.

If you study Squirrel you will also discover that it is an incredibly inventive
and creative animal, one that does not know the meaning of defeat. The
squirrel-proof bird feeder has not yet been invented.

If you are drawn to Squirrel, it may be for another reason. Consider how
gracefully this animal leaps from branch to branch. Maybe you're feeling
uncomfortable about your own physical abilities. Squirrel may be calling you to
more fully develop them.

It's very helpful to study an animal that seems to be calling you. Explore the
legends and folklore related to your animal(s). There may be lessons for you in
them. (References are listed in Part One of this article.)

As you can ask to find your power animal(s) through dreams and meditation, so
you can ask your power animal to meet you in a dream or meditation.

Imagine yourself as a particular animal. If, for example, you choose Turtle,
feel how it feels to be close to the ground, protected by a shell; feel the
slowness and sureness of your movement.

Once, in meditation, I asked for a meeting with my troublesome Bear power
animal. It began as a frightening encounter. I was walking in the woods behind
my house and a black bear appeared. I curled up in a ball and whimpered as if I
were a bear cub. Then I became one, and experienced what I knew intellectually,
that a cub is one of the most vulnerable of animal babies. I felt my
helplessness and the protectiveness of my very large mother. As I came out of
meditation, I realized that when I, as a human, feel helpless and unprotected, I
can call on my dear cat-Mother, Binx (protection being one of the qualities of
Cat) or the Earth Mother Herself.

Dream Interpretation

As you become more focused on the subject of power animals, you are bound to
have dreams about animals. My dreams turned into a virtual Noah's Ark when I was
first immersing myself in the subject.

While I know of no foolproof method for dream interpretation, the following
questions may help you decipher your animal dreams:

* What were you feeling the night before, i.e., did particular issues trouble
you? Did you ask for an answer?

* How did you feel when you woke up? Exhilarated? Depressed? Peaceful?

* How did you feel about the animal?

* I recommend writing the dream down and then writing down your random thoughts.

"The snake was a beautiful green." Green is a color of healing, and snakes are
associated with regeneration and life force energy. Do you need to relax and
allow more healing energy into your life? Do you need to be physically closer to
the earth? Have you been stomping through life instead of slithering gracefully?

The Essence of Meditation

When I was first learning Bach Flower Remedies, I took each of the Remedies—not
all at once. I took a single remedy for a few days, setting time aside to
meditate on the energies I experienced and also keeping a journal to record what
I noticed in the course of the time I was taking the essence.

You can apply this method to working with power animals by using Wild Earth
Animal Essences. Say you are strongly attracted to Wild Horse, for example, but
you don't know what it has to teach you. Through meditation and observation, the
nature of your attraction may become clearer, and you may develop a close
relationship with the essence of this animal.

Keeping Your Power Animals Close By

An image of your power animal may belong on your altar (or somewhere in your
house), either in picture or statue form, and it's also a nice idea to have
pictures on your wall. Animal calendars, for example, are easy to find, and the
photographs are often lovely and easily framed.

Since one of the purposes of our power animals is to remind us of who we really
are, wearing or carrying images of them can be a particularly effective form of