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Erik Jögimar

Traditional Reiki Course - Shoden Level

A new beginners course (Shoden / Reiki 1) for both complete beginners
as well as experiences practitioners for repetition / build on experience.

This is a 6 week Distance class at

What's the style / Focus?
This style is primarily built upon Hawayo Takata's teaching of Usui Shiki Ryoho,
with a few other elements integrated. My classes however all focus exclusively
on the Japanese teachings. There will be no modern or new age add-ons such
as chakras, guides and such being taught. Instead a simple, down to earth,
developing and easy to use reiki will be taught, as closely resembling to that
which Usui-Sensei taught during his lifetime.

How long is this course?
The course is six weeks long, with weekly reading, meditation and after the
attunement - healing assignments. How much time you give everything and
on what days to practice it, is entirely up to you.

What is included?
Included in the Course is a Japanese looking Certificate that can be printed
in A4 or A3 format, high resolution. Also included is a handbook for this
level which covers everything taught during the class.

Will i have access to fellow students and teachers?
YES! Each week includes discussions and journaling exercises which means
that we will all have the option to discuss and interact with fellow students
and with the teacher (me). You will also have constant available contact
with me through Email as well as MSN or AIM, even after finished course.

What does it cost?
The cost for this course is $50, which is paid through PayPal.

How do i join?
Sign up at which is the site where the class will be held.
Pay the Course Fee to:


You *must* use your paypal email adress when registering at When you pay the course fee, i will use the email you used for paypal, to search for your account on and grant you access to the classroom.

The class begins on November 10th, so please check back then.

Please observe that there's no refund, so be certain you wish to take this class before you pay.

You're in Reiki,



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