John Crowhurst (fyremoon) wrote in healing_spirit,
John Crowhurst


1. Name: John
2. Hometown: St Leonards, UK
3. Age: 37

How were you introduced to spiritual rituals?
About 10 years ago I got interested in Astral Travel and that started me on a journey that lasted a couple of years before my work life took over. However, September 07 came round and a customer of mine introduced me to his girlfriend. I joined her circle and then in December joined the Spiritualist Church.

Spiritual rituals I take part in . . .
I started doing spiritual circles and I'm currently a member of two, together with attending the church regularly. I'm now enrolled in their healing program, in the view to completing sometime next year after doing my 100 hours.

Do you believe in healing stones and crystals?
Stones and crystals have amazing powers, not only for the living but also with spirit rescue work.

What are your favorite stones/crystals?
Amethyst has always been a favourite with me, taking people's negative emotions away from me; black tourmaline from my ex's mountain connects me with the mountain; the clear quartz empowers me and the granite/haematite stone in my back pocket keeps me grounded.

How often do you burn incense, or use scented candles?
I used to, but my new girlfriend is allergic to incense.

What is your favorite sent to burn?
Dragon's blood

Where is your favorite place for “me” time?
The beach; out in nature; hills and around water do me well.

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