madalchemist007 (madalchemist007) wrote in healing_spirit,


1. Name:  Erika
2. Hometown: Lincoln,Ne
3. Age:28

How were you introduced to spiritual rituals?
I figured it out at a very young age through reading books and watching movies ect.
 and through Friends

Spiritual rituals I take part in . . . Aura reading, animal totem, astral projection, dream analysis, lucid dreaming, past life regression , feng shui , crystal healing, kundalini yoga, Tia Chi , chakra balancing, pendulum readings  

Do you believe in healing stones and crystals?
Of course

What are your favorite stones/crystals? Lapis, sugilite, pietersite, larmair, rose quarts, blue moonstone, blue florite, blue tormaline, labadorite.sapphire 

How often do you burn incense, or use scented candles?

not very, roommate allergic,
What is your favorite sent to burn?
i love gingerbread and apple cinn sents

Where is your favorite place for “me” time?

in my car and in my back yard

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