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1. Name: Rebecca
2. Hometown: Minnesota, USA
3. Age: 25

How were you introduced to spiritual rituals?

I always knew I needed to be in this area of work and being. As a little girl I wanted to do healing. Not as a doctor, but like a woman I'd see in the movies waving their hands over someone and chanting, watching the spirit heal. I let my guides push me where I need to go, whether I like it or not. lol (love you guys haha)

Spiritual activity I take part in

Oy. lol Reiki, other branches of healing systems, intuitive work like tarot, medium, oracle cards, past life regression and other past life work, and other stuff I can't think of now.

Do you believe in healing stones and crystals? 

oh yes. Nothin works better for sinus stuff than a few good crystals/stones. 

What are your favorite stones/crystals?

hmmmmmm. I'll say it's never the same. One day it's larimar, another it's fluorite or sapphires. Whatever I need, it calls loud and clear. When it comes to healing, though, can't go wrong with your "basics." Hematite, citrine, amethyst, etc.

How often do you burn incense, or use scented candles?

Not often. I have it, then I forget about it. I'm more of the oils than candles

What is your favorite sent to burn?

I'm a cancer. lol Everything depends on my mood. Though one of my favorite calming scents is cedarwood. Odd because I am still in that young, I-like-sweet-smells stage in life.

Where is your favorite place for “me” time?

My room physically. Often my bed. I'm a big listener of dreams. I often wake up unrested because I traveled a great deal the night before. When I need a recharge on my break at work, I head to one of the irish stores and just bask in that energy I love.


Healing the mind, body, soul and spirit.

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